IT in Action

Jiva Public School makes use of the latest developments in Information Technology to keep pace with the dynamic new developments in the field of Science and Technology. JPS is the first school in India to make use of the Internet and email for performing curriculum exchange projects with international students, teach digital video-making and create learning resources on various topics, and to use educational web logs for enhancing effective communication between the students and the teachers in the school. Jiva’s IT activities are integrated throughout the entire curriculum, with both teachers and students walking hand-in-hand to reap maximum benefits. Students are encouraged to develop a global perspective by engaging in activities with their peers from around the world, sharing views and even collaborating on projects. While most schools in India still view the computer as a machine to do programming, Jiva Public School takes the stand that the computer is a tool and a resource that can be used to achieve multiple goals. 

Computers at Jiva play an important role to facilitate effective communication and coordination between the teachers and the administration. Our teachers create and access dozens of technology-based lesson plans through a database created in-house. The administration makes use of a Jiva-created software tool called Smart School Pro for maintaining student records, grades, fees, and so on.

Students Making Videos
JPS has promoted video filmmaking as a tool to use technology for a cause, creating awareness about the environment and other social issues. Such initiatives have not gone unrecognised. Recently, the students of Classes VI –X won a special award at the screening of their movies at the First National Wildlife and Environment Film Festival in India for their efforts in creating environmental awareness.

Cultural Exchange Program
Jiva Public School from time to time runs the cultural exchange program with different countries. One of the cultural exchange program is with the Lady Delphine who lives in Zurich and she came to Jiva Public School on 8th Oct 2012 with her Picture Figure Theatre. Primary Students of  JPS learned various IT related topics like Internet,e-mail, Search Engine so that students can better understand culture of Zurich and can communicate with Delphine using Blog,e-mail or chat. A Picture Figure Theatre workshop was organized from 8th Oct 2012 to 9th Oct 2012.

Digital Responsibility
Even if learners become the most proficient computer users, they are not considered truly IT literate unless they develop the wisdom to use technology in beneficial ways. Recent reports of juvenile technology misuse have given parents and institutions a genuine cause for concern. Jiva therefore promotes digital responsibility by addressing acceptable computer use, caring for and sharing equipment, intellectual property rights, anti-piracy, hacking, and so on. Students are made aware of all these pertinent issues and encouraged to indulge in the responsible use of IT.

Tech Savvy “Evolving Developers” of Jiva 

Jivites presented a unique program on computers entitled Evolving Developers. The students from Class III to Class VIII made a program on their school and country. They presented many topics from other countries as well. The students formed their own teams and selected a topic to prepare the software. They presented the multi utility of computers through this program. The students from class III to V used software ‘Scratch’ to make animated movies and presented them on the computers. 

Class V students made their own software and recorded Dincharya Ke Niyam, the students also made an animated film on SOE and discussed its utility in life. Through animation, the students made a film on football too. Class VI students discussed in ‘Q-basic’ the Multiple Intelligence in details. They also prepared a questionnaire on Dincharya Ke Niyam. Class VII students prepared a website on Seven Wonders of the World, besides this they also discussed about the national environment, the national forest and the wild animals and birds found there.