Gita Jayanti Mahotsav Fecilitated at Jiva Public School

The land of Haryana state is considered to be the most pious, since ancient time and the ancient history acknowledges its many pious and religious achievements. During Mahabharat, fought on this land of piety, Lord Shri Krishna had preached Arjun, the pearls of wisdom, that were compiled in the Gita as sacred composition. Now-a-days, on this pious land, the Gita Jayanti Samaroh is being organized, where in many towns and cities are participating. It is believed that the state is christened after Lord Krishna, which transcribed in Hindi means Hari–ka–Aana, which is now called Haryana.

The Gita fest celebrated across the state, was fecilitated at Jiva Public School , keeping in mind the varied aspects of academic curricula, many cultural and religious facts were apprised to students during the morning assembly. The class VII students staged a short skit based on ‘Karma’. The skit highlighted the necessity and significance of ‘Karma” as good deeds are always rewarded. The class IX students presented in Shlokas the purpose of life and the preachings of Lord Krishna to Arjun, emphasizing that human life is meant for great purposes and precepts. Man is born to fulfill the objectives of human life. The fest is fecilitated every year as on this pious day when Lord Krishna had preached Arjun during the battle of Mahabharat.