Hindi Diwas celebrated in High Spirit

Hindi Diwas Celebrated in High Spirit

    Felicitations for Hindi Diwas in school was a buzz in school with exuberance and enthusiasm. The celebrations were marked with competition in different genre of Hindi Literature such as Shloka, Navras and Debate for classes VI to IX. It was not merely a celebration but a resource to create awareness of Indian culture and values amongst Gen Next. The purpose of these competition was to instill values like responsibility, duty, discipline, upright character, respect for parents, teachers and elders and augument feelings of selfless service to society. Indian culture is recognized for its these root values.

The occasion conducted Doha and Shloka competition for class VI & VII. The participants from class VIII competed for Navras presentation like Anger, Pity & Humour, and Shringar Ras. Class IX presented their convincing argument in the Debate competition. In Doha competition Pari Sisodia class VI was declared the Best Speaker, Latisha Jayant Best Content and Lavanya Agarwal was appreciated for her presentation. In Shloka Recitation Tanushree Dubey class VII Best Speaker, Devesh Bansal Best Content and Poorva Raheja was appreciated for her presentation. In Navras Competition Isha Choudhary class VIII Shringar Ras Best Presentation, Devakar Mahra Best Speaker in Hasya Ras, Palak Choudahry Best Costume for Karuna Ras Akanksha Choudhary in Veer Ras was appreciated for her presentation. In Debate Competition Yashika Chauhan and Ojasvi Bharmi were declared the Best Speaker. Monica Rathore and Meenakshi Chandila Best Content and Diksha Sharma was appreciated for her performance.

The salient feature of our school is that it does not confine itself only to academics only but endeavours to inculcate moral values too among students.