Jiva’s Contribution to Society

Jiva’s Contribution to Society

The school had organized a talk regarding Jiva’s contribution and what humanity owes to society that facilitates a comfortable living for one and all. This talk was attended by many renowned persons of the institute, who happen to be parents as well. The general opinion acknowledged the fact that Jiva is different from others, as it not only imparts global education for the holistic development of each student but also inculcates virtues to become a responsible citizen of the country. The Jivites could be easily distinguished with their cultural and disciplined attitude, which gives them an edge over other students.

One of the parent Mrs. Kiran Sharma, serving as manager, stated that the cultural values imbibed by her children in school, has impressed people in her residential locality Mr. Rajiv Verma (manager) was of the opinion that students at Jiva possess independent thinking skills and express their views distinctly and explicitly. The students here, besides being tech-savy, they are replete with moral values and characteristics traits. Ms. Meenakshi Singh, HR Head said that the practice of Swadhyay in school sharpens the intellect and potential of a child. Director of Ayurveda Shri Madhu Sudan was of the view that parents who are consciously aware look up for quality education and the institute, while seeking admission for their ward, they aspire for a perfect grooming of their ward with values of upright character, knowledge and responsibility and Jiva provides it.

Mrs. Meenakshi Ahuja expressed her gratitude saying that Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Nature followed in school enabled her children to choose a right career for themselves.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, graced the occasion with their benign presence. Many Ayurveda Doctors were also present.

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