Jivites Remarkable Performance in Sports & Games

The school had organized its annual Sports Meet, for the Kindergarten primary and senior wing. The Sports meet continued for a week with various feats and contest conducted for junior and senior students. Sports and Games are important for a complete and all round development of students, hence sports are a significant part of the school curriculum. The school follows the maxim that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and to maintain fitness of our body, sports and games are necessary. The school imparts academic knowledge and trains the students in different games and sports, which is annually evaluated during Sports Meet to acknowledge students potentials.

The sports event commenced with the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan lighting the torch and declaring the Sports Meet Open, followed by the grandeur of In-House March Past. The Annual Sports event comprised of varied races, games, competition, archery, badminton, basketball, karate, skating, table-tennis, yoga and many more according to the age groups and classes. The winners were awarded with Trophy, Medals and Certificates respectively. The highlight of the sports event was the Basketball (MVP) competition. The names of the winners in U/16 boys – Diwakar 8A and U/19 Boys Tanmay Chandra 12A and Girls U/19 – Geetanjali Batra 12B.

The Annual Sports Meet is a part of school curriculum and an endeavor to develop team spirit and sportive skills among students so that they learn and excel in the sport of their passion. The students credited the philosophy of Jiva Swadhyay and DKN to be very fruitful in pursuing their passionate game. The occasion staged a short skit highlighting how Swadhyay helps to retrospect and rectify the mistakes committed by them. They appealed to follow DKN religiously.