Joint Endeavours of Faculty and Parents at Jiva Public School

              Joint Endeavours of Faculty and Parents                  at Jiva Public School

     The joint venture of teachers and parents, under the programme India in Action took an enthusiastic initiative in the new academic session on 3 May. The parent participants created an awareness to follow Traffic Rules and informed about its benefits and hazardous consequences to other parents and guardians. The chief objective of this programme was to create a conscious awareness regarding road accidents and its preventive measures.

   The response was appreciative with the realization that such programmes in school compel to give a second thought and create an awareness in society for its well-being. The student participants highlighted the importance of wearing helmet through an activity and thereafter informing the irreparable harm for not wearing helmets.

    Mrs. Maneka Nirmal shared her experiences and discussed the needs of such programmes in school and following the Traffic rules. The parents unanimously agreed for the need of such welfare activities in school and took pride in their participation. Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Mrs. Sonu Singh, student Amog Parashar’s parents, Aashi Singh’s parent Mrs. Maneka Nirmal had actively participated in the programme. Mrs. Maneka Nirmal runs an Art Institute and organizes many workshops as well.

    The schools Managing Director Mr. Rishi Pal Chauhan, in his message stated that following traffic rules on road for personal safety is our foremost duty. It is our responsibility to warn and create awareness among Gen Next for the same.