Literary Fest Facilitated at Jiva

Literary Fest Facilitated at Jiva

The school hosts its Literary Fest every year to enhance thinking among students & hence their creative spirit and imagination. Literary Fest usually features objective of fostering love for literature and knowledge that brings together those with a common interest. Such inclusive forums encourage young minds to unleash their true potential.

The fest was conducted on 18 Aug with a variety of portals of English Literature. The school pulsated with creativity and talent and became abuzz with excitement. The programme commenced with the welcome address followed by the events for the day. The contestants debated on ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’, they were voiceferous and emphatic in their opinions. The participants in Recitation and Elocution had kept the audience spell-bound with their power of oration. The participants staged a scene from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and Julius Ceasar play and entered into the world of Literary characters, adding thereby a literary flavour through different artistic presentation.

The contestants were cheered with loud applause and awarded respectively First, Second, Third position for Recitation and Elocution. The contestants in Debate were honoured as the Best Speaker For and Against the Motion, Best Content and The Best Question/Answer during the Rebuttal. The participants in Drama were honoured for Best performance and Appreciation in Theater.