Multiple Natures

Jiva Public School is fortunate to be the pioneer in implementing the Multiple Natures model. Multiple Natures, or MN, is a theory developed by Steven Rudolph that identifies 9 unique natures in each individual, namely: Protective, Educative, Administrative, Creative, Healing, Entertaining, Providing, Entrepreneurial and Adventurous. By understanding one’s strong natures, he can play to his strengths and find greater success in everything he does.

Through this program, students and teachers identify these abilities through observational assessments and the Multiple Natures Test. They use this information to make decisions about which activities to get involved in, such as clubs, teams, and other co-curricular activities.

We combine Multiple Natures with the Multiple Intelligence model that looks at 8 types of abilities, including: Bodily, Interpersonal, Logical, Linguistic, Visual, Musical, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic.