Orientation Programme – A Guide to Student’s Career

Orientation Programme – A Guide to Student’s Career

The school had organised an Orientation Programme on 13th October for the students of class X. The objective of this programme was to guide the students in right perspective so that they perform well in their academics and build a prospering and successful career for themselves in future.

It is an endeavour by the school to enable students to acknowledge their potential and work accordingly, besides it is an apt chance for parents to know the calibre of their wards, give them directions accordingly so that they take initiative towards a successful career. In this programme the parents were actively involved through different activities improvised for them at different counters. The objective was that parents should assist their wards and guide them for a successful future. The activities conducted were MN Profile, Bonding Activity, Card Activity and Group Discussion. Dual Scholarships was discussed in details and shared with parents. The parents were provided with stars and for students, provision for scholarship to meritorious students was discussed. The school emphasizes on Multiple Nature to enable students to work accordingly.

The parents were briefed about the school’s Philosophy and its benefits, following which the parents can nurture values in them. The parents need to follow DKN and Swadhyay regularly and see that their wards followed it religiously to overcome their flaws.

During the orientation the class X students discussed their query with students of class XI and XII to quell their apprehensions. The varied queries by X students included the different study pattern of ISC and why its considered better ? Why seek admission to ISC and which Board is better from competition point of view ? The class XI & XII pupils satisfied their queries confidently and very coolly. During the programme the new syllabi pattern of ISC was apprised to students and their parents.

The chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan stated that school & parents are equally responsible in assisting to build the career of students. The parents need to know the nature of their wards and help them follow the right direction to progress and prosper in future. The occasion was graced by Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan and the school Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam.