School Teams

At Jiva, students and teachers particpate in a variety of “teams”. Teams are a way for everyone to explore their abilities and build their skills, while also enhancing the Jiva community and environment. Teams also provide an opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate, which not only builds bonds, but also enables students to learn in an apprenticeship fashion.

Our teams include:

Visual Team: For artwork and improving the decor of the school

Escort Team: For ushering students and guests during events and programs

Hospitality Team: For welcoming and tending to guests

Traffic Team: For ensuring our community members wear helmets and follow traffic rules

Library Team: For making constant improvements to our school library

IT Team: For working on the school website and other IT-related projects

Naturalistic Team: At Jiva Public School Naturalistic Team is a group of teachers and students with high naturalistic intelligence and love for all the environment friendly activities in school for eg. trees are not only planted but nurtured and taken good care till they flourish.   Read More