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The 10 Laws of Learning

The 10 Laws of Learning, authored by American educator Steven Rudolph is the first comprehensive parenting book for Indian parents. It helps parents in creating better learning environments for children to make them champions in life.

The Laws of Learning is an educational concept which proposes that there are a number of educational principles, which, if followed, increase the amount an individual learns. These concepts, which also incorporate the educational theories of Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures, encompass all aspects of children’s education and growth that include health, psychological well-being, goal-setting, organising and planning abilities, social etiquettes, behaviour improvement, smart study-techniques and career decision-making. LOLs are pertinent to teachers, principals, administrators and parents.

The LOLs, which are an outcome of Steve’s teaching experience of over 20 years, have now been inter-woven into a book form by the same name, peppered with relevant examples, illustrations and keen insight. Published by international publishing giant, Random House, this book helps parents to be better equipped to guide their children choose their ideal career paths.

The book has features such as case studies, carrying real life parenting scenarios; coaching tips, containing practical, useful ideas for parents and troubleshooting, a list of 25 most common problems faced by parents and their solutions.

Solving the Ice-Cream Dilemma
A revolutionary book that’ll help parents help their kids in choosing the right career

In his book, Solving the Ice-Cream Dilemma, American educator Steven Rudolph shares his best-kept secrets with you to identify your child’s strengths and the jobs that ideally suit his/her nature. With the use of Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Natures, Steven Paul helps you to:

  • Identify your child’s innate abilities
  • Identify the career that is best suited to your child’s success
  • Select the right stream for your child
  • Get your child to open up when he refuses to talk
  • Know whether your child’s passions are genuine or not
  • Help your child to improve his focus, concentration and academic results
  • Get your child onto the path of success

Published by Times Books (the publishing division of media conglomerate Times Group), the book expounds on the “The Ice-Cream Dilemma“, which is a situation that arises where you have many flavors of ice-cream to choose from – so many that it becomes difficult to make a choice. This is similar to the situation regarding careers: when there are too many career options, it becomes difficult to pick the one that suits you best.

Helping parents help their kids
Almost all parents have a common goal in life: to see their child become successful in his career — to have job security, a good salary and satisfaction in his work. However, the modern educational system has changed so much that many of them have no clue on how to guide their children in studies and career decisions. The knowledge they had acquired in their era has become obsolete now. As a result, they end up making the critical mistake in identifying and nurturing their children’s abilities and wind up pushing their children into the wrong directions and careers. In this book, Steven Paul guides parents on how to genuinely get their kids on to the path of success.

Solving the Ice-Cream Dilemma not only helps parents find out what talent is, but also how it can be nurtured so their children can lead fulfilling lives now and throughout their lives. With the help of real case studies, references, tips and notes, Steven Paul demonstrates how every child has the ability to become successful, and that finding out a child’s unique formula for success is only a matter of minutes – when done the right way. Not just that, he also guides parents on choosing the right career for their kids, and creating their career path to prepare them for the competitive and professional world out there.