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Foundation Day Commemorated at Jiva Public School

Foundation Day Commemorated at Jiva Public School

The Chairperson, Director and Principal lightning the lamp

     The 24th Foundation Day at Jiva Public school was perpetuated on 6 Feb amidst great euphoria and fan-fare. The fecilitation was a compendium of culture, music, revelry and education. Each item presented conveyed the crystal clear message that the school cares for the holistic development of each pupil. Besides global and modern pedagogy, the pupils are also apprised of Indian culture to strengthen their roots to its basis. The stage presentation comprised of the principles followed in the school.

     The school also awarded the sports winner at State and National level. The programme was also attended by the parents/guardians of State Level winners in Road Safety Quiz Competition. These parents were honoured as well. The Best Student were awarded certificates of Merits.

Jivites Lead In Road Safety Quiz At State Level

Jivites Lead in Road Safety Quiz at State Level

Jiva winners with the trophy and Shri Krishna Lal Pawar (Transport Ministry, Haryana)

    The Police Commissionerate Haryana, had organized the last level of Road Safety Quiz Competition, at State Level at D.A.V. Police Public School in Ambala on 30 Jan. The contestants from Jiva Public School had an edge over others and clinched the First Position at State Level. This competition was participated by many Districts of the State. The chief objective of this competition was to apprise the students and create a conscious awareness towards traffic rules and remain bound to follow it. Every year the Police Commissionerate  organizes such competition in all districts of the state and the school team who won the quiz was  declared the winner.

Jiva winners & Teacher In charge with the trophy and Shri Krishna Lal Pawar (Transport Ministry, Haryana)

    The First Level of this competition had been organized at District Level and the school teams qualifying it were eligible for the second, third and fourth level of competition. The winners in all four level at District had qualified for the State Level Competition. Each school had a team of three contestants. The Jiva contestants could lead despite cut-edge competition and bag the First Position with their excellent performance.

   This programme was graced by the presence of Shri Krishna Lal Pawar (Transport Ministry, Haryana) The school Principals and the staff were also awarded Trophy for their contribution in this competition and the winning students were awarded Dell Computers, trophies and certificates.

  The school Chairperson Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan and Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan congratulated the winners. Shri Chauhan stated that it is the foremost duty of all citizens to follow traffic rules and build a safe society. The school Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam also graced the occasion.

Jiva First in District in Road Safety Quiz Competition

Jiva First in District in Road Safety Quiz Competition


DCP Virendra Viz with winning pupils and Principal Mrs. Devina nigam

    The Police Commissionerate Faridabad had organized the Fourth Level of Road Safety Quiz Competition at Dynasty International School, wherein participants from many schools of the district had participated. This competition is organized by the police commissionerate every year and contestants from any school with the highest score are declared the winners. The contestants from Jiva Public School had an edge over other participants. For the Second Level competition the Jivites clinched the First and in the Third level, third position respectively.

In the First level, the Dynasty school bagged the First Position. In the Second level it was Jiva Public School and in the Third level St. Columbus School stood First. The contestants from all the three schools will now compete at State level. The DCP Virendra Viz IPS himself honoured the winners by awarding a Trophy and Certificates of Merit.

Jivites Clinch First Position in Street Play

Jivites Clinch First Position in Street Play

The winners with Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam and teachers

     Jiva participants excelled in displaying their talent at Shri Ram Millenium School on 10 Dec and clinched the First Position in the Street Play. Shri Ram Millenium School had organized a competition Mad About Environment with an objective to preserve the detoriating environment. Many renowned schools from the district had participated in the competition entitled ‘Manushya Ki Den – Prithvi Ka Vinash’. A total of 15 Jivites contested for the competition and won laurels for their remarkable presentation.

Global Peace via Indian Culture

Global Peace via Indian Culture

Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan being honoured

      The Sant Literary Academy of DAV Shatabdi College NIT – 3 Faridabad had organized the Fourth Spiritual conference for Global Peace. The chairperson of Jiva Public School Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan was honoured for his noble deeds and contributions for the progress of Indian Culture in the benign presence of Mahant Shri Vijendra Das and Mahant Shri Ghanshyam Das. The Chief Guest was Mrs. Seema Trikha MLA and Guest of Honour were Shri Vikrant Singla and Shri Mukesh Bharadwaj. The programme was anchored by Jyoti Sangh.

    The objective of this programme was upliftment of Hindu Dharma. The discussion was based on the message of Aham Brahmism and the reasons of decline of Hindu Culture.

    The fore-sighted Sant Kabir, in his contemporary age, had predicted about the annihilation of mankind in future, which seemingly appears to be true now. It is only the Sant and culture that can restore it.

Jiva Conferred with National School Excellence Award

Jiva Conferred with National School Excellence Award

National School Excellence Award by Brain feed

    It was an extreme honour for Jiva Public School to be conferred with the National School Excellence Award on 11 December at the Fifth National Conference and School Excellence Award 2017-18. Commemorated by Brain-Feed. Hotel Le Meridian New Delhi, witnessed some five hundred Pre-school and Secondary schools assembling, to be honoured for their noble undertakings. In this regard, Jiva Public School was privileged to be awarded in three categories – Community Collaboration, STEM Education and Innovation.

    The vision and guidance of the Chairperson of Jiva Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan had paved way for these great honours in three categories at national level. The Chairperson Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, wished and congratulated the Education Department in school for its excellence and innovation and motivated for such noble deeds in future as well.

Workshop by Steven Rudolph

Workshop by Steven Rudolph

     The Educational Director Steven Rudolph had a special meet with Jiva faculty to share a few unique concepts to facilitate in fulfilling responsibilities with better care and be successful in their jobs.

Educational Director Steven Rudolph addressing Jiva Faculty

    Through graphic diagrams, he explained that the passion of an individual may be manifold, which is known as IKIGAI. But in the center lics has real passion which is the seed of his nature. A teacher needs to surface out of the IKIGAI the passion of the pupil to enable him, identify his true nature and learn ‘Who I am’. The lineage to his success may have many vicissitudes that might cause discomfort and stress and he may feel an urge of a stimulant activity to overcome stress. Steven Rudolph believes that there are young achievers at twenty because the know the root cause as to who they are, whereas there are few who never taste success due to their ignorant identity.

The Managing Director Rishi Pal Chauhan addressing the Jiva Faculty

    He also discussed the imbalance caused between challenge and ability. He stated that when challenge overpowers ability it results into stress and when ability subdues challenges it becomes boredom for a pupil, hence an optimum balance between the two will reinforce the natural flow of talent with ease, leading him to success.

Mega Event Panchotsav at Jiva Public School

Mega Event Panchotsav at Jiva Public School

Jiva President Rishi Pal Chauhan,, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan,  Administrator          Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva ,Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam welcoming Special Guest S.S. Gosain.

    On 15 November, Jiva Public School ventured into its maiden mega event Panchotsav, organizing Inter-school Competition, with an aim and endeavor to maintain an optimum balance among pupils for global skills and Indian values in the ever changing scenario of education. The opening ceremony commenced sharp at 9:00 am with the lightning of the blissful lamp of knowledge that has been enlightening the premises ever since, followed by the declaration of Competitions open by the Guest of Honour Dr. Pratap Chauhan, Special Guest S.S. Gosain and Jiva President Rishi Pal Chauhan. The occasion was also graced by Jiva Ayurveda Shri Madhusudan, Ms. Meenakshi Singh, Ms. Neerja Chauhan and Omvir Singh. Many renowned Principals and dignitaries obliged to abjudicate the events of the day.

Special Guest & Dignitaries with President Rishi Pal Chauhan and Dr. Pratap Chauhan lightning the lamp

    Panchotsav comprised of five major events in different streams of curricula, namely Folk Art, Science Seminar, Business Quiz, Recitation (English & Hindi) and Movie Making. A total of fourteen schools including the host school from Faridabad had send their teams to contest for the various events. They are MVN Sector – 17, MVN Aravali, Eicher School, Manav Rachna, Vidya Niketan, St. John’s, Jiva Public School, St. Luke, DAV Sector – 14 and many more. The competition was open for participants from class IV to XII in different categories of teams to contest with varied interesting topics and aspects of skills like ‘Virtual Visualisation (Life on Robotic Planet) for tech-savy participants, Laugh Out Loud for expressions and speaking skills, Folk Art for artistic perception and Science Seminar for Scientific bent of mind and Business Quiz for participants with Commerce aptitude.

    The winners for different events are – Hindi Recitation Best Presentation was bagged by Dev Bhardwaj Vidya Niketan. Harshit Tiwari class VII from Eicher was awarded for Best Poem. Samarth Mehndiratta from DAV Sector 14 and Suryanarayan from MVN bagged for Best Presentation and Best poem respectively. For English Recitation the lucky winners are from Eicher school Sanskriti class VII and Sanjana class VI for Best Presentation and Jiva Public School Akansha class VII and Divyanshu class VI were awarded for Best Poem. In the event Science Seminar Best Presentation award went to Jiva Public School, Best Team to St. John’s, Best Speaker Eicher School and Best Content St. Luke School.

    In Movie Making Manav Rachna was awarded First Position and MVN Aravali stood Second. In Business Quiz Jiva Public School First, Eicher school Second. In Folk Art, in the first round Vidya Niketan for Best Presentation, St. John’s Best Design were awarded. In the second round MVN Aravali bagged for Best Presentation and MVN sector 17 got for Best Composition.

Excellence in Computer by Jivites

   Excellence in Computer by Jivites

       Jiva Public School had organized a Computer Fest on 28 October, to develop interest and build up an awareness to become tech savy in this present era.

     The fest aimed to develop a zeal and zest for computers among the students. The competition was categorized into three different phases. The first phase was for contestants from class IV & V, who were asked to present different aspects of movie making as Robotics, Digital Ring, M-Learning, Netiquettes and so forth.

    A seminar was organized for participants from class VI to VIII. The contestants presented their views through Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Cloud Computing. The participants from class VIII & IX made a project on School Management and Class X presented a project on Java with the topic Billing System, Chess, School Fee Management, Student ID card etc.

     The student’s efforts and skills were appreciated unrestrictedly.

Jivites Secured at State Level Archery in Sports Mahakumbh

Jivites Secured at State Level Archery in Sports Mahakumbh

Jivite contestants with Managing Director Mr. Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam

   Jivites have established a strong foothold in Archery Competitions and sailed smoothly to victory and securing positions at State and National levels. It could be proved via Sports Mahakumbh organized for 5 days i.e. 8 October to 13 October at the Sports Stadium, Sector 12 Faridabad. In this Sports Mahakumbh, many schools from the district had participated according to their interest and passions in specific sports.

   This competition was divided into two phases. The first phase was at District Level, wherein seven girl participants from Jiva had contested and two were selected to compete at State Level Competition.

   The Sports Mahakumbh at State level was contested by two girl Jivites who clinched a Silver and Bronze medal respectively. Sanya Sharma from class VIII bagged a Silver Medal in Under 14 category and Shivani Mishra class X was awarded a Bronze Medal in Under 17 Recurve Round. Both the girl contestants were honoured with a  cash prize of ` 3000 and 2000.