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Innovative and Creative Orientation in the New Session

Innovative and Creative Orientation in the New Session

The new academic session in school began with an innovative three day orientation programme from 18th March to 20th March to apprise the students about the rules and regulation followed in the school and the philosophies that build a rock foundation of every pupil. For a smooth functioning and individual progress, during the programme the students were briefed to strictly follow rules and discipline. They were introduced new subjects and made aware about the benefits of sound health and a healthy life style. Through Portfolio they were informed to follow meals accordingly so that they remain healthy.

Through varied activities, the students learnt about the main subjects to be followed. The School Diary intimated about the rules and regulations and they learned about the importance of Dincharya Ke Niyam. One of the chief philosophy of Jiva SOE was explained besides the rules of road and personal safety as well. They were introduce to different Life Skills and made aware of cleanliness and keeping the surroundings clean. This was followed by a Group Discussion, wherein the students discussed about Community Service via India in Action programme activity. The highlight of discussion was to begin with donating old books. The MI & MN activity with Flash Cards intimated them about their own natures and intelligence. The students of Jiva remain disciplined through the year, which is why the school outshines with culture and moral values. The students were also tested for their MI & MN during the programme so that they know about their own potential. The students were elated to learn about Nature and Science too.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan wished the students on the occasion and advised them to form concrete goals and remain focused to achieve it for future progress. Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan extoled the students and asked them to accept challenges and work hard to be successful. The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam wished the students for a bright future in the new session.

Baisakhi Revelry at Jiva

Baisakhi Revelry at Jiva

The school celebrated the festival of Baisakhi with excitement and enthusiasm, during the morning assembly. The occasion also marked the fecilitation of the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The programme highlighted the fact that despite diversity, the country is integrated and united. The students informed how the cycle of seasons change and signify the cultivation of different crop with the change of season, hence when the crop is ready for harvest, it is marked with exeuberance and aplomb. According to Hindu culture, the day also marks the beginning of a new year.

The stage presentation highlighted the fact that every festival in the country is accosted with a tradition. The programme started with a good thought for the day, followed by the specific trait of celebrating new year in different states. The primary wing presented a thrilling dance and briefed about Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The Kindergarten kids donned colourful costumes and added glamour to the occasion.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan conveyed his best wishes on the occasion and advised to put in our dedicated efforts constantly to succeed in future. The lack of endeavours mark our failures, hence we must opt an upright path to be successful and be blessed by divinity.

Orientation for Primary Classes

Orientation for Primary Classes

Students staging presentation

The school had organized a joint venture entitled ‘Bhagidari’ for the primary students and their parents. The programme was conducted for classes I to III, with an objective to address their parents/guardians and make them aware about the holistic development of their wards. The parents need to understand and realize the potential of their children and assist them to carve a niche for themselves successfully in future.

The programme commenced with a welcome song and enthralling dance, followed by inputs to students regarding Space and our Galaxy under Science to Pep up curiosity and more interest among them. The parents were briefed about the school’s objective, which is not only to impart knowledge but also all round development of each child. They were also apprised of Jiva’s philosophy and Road Safety rules. It was followed by one minute Bhagidari Quiz to brief them about Dincharya Ke Niyam in a minute. The winners of the quiz were duly honoured. The occasion honoured the winners of Olympiad with Medals and Merit Certificates. The parents who contributed to society under India in Action were also honoured.

Students participating in space programme

The programme also intimated the parents about the salient features of the school. The detailed Body Type Vata, Pitta and Kapha was discussed and advised to provide diet to their wards according to their body type, so that they remain healthy and fit. A few activities based on MI & MN were conducted. The purpose was to bring home the fact that in the development of a child, the teacher and parent share a co-responsibility. The parents were entertained with MI & MN games as well. They were also briefed about Ayur school. This initiative of the school was appreciated by the parents and guardians whole heartedly.

The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam in her valedictory address stated that every child has a right to be loved by his parents. They need not compare but realize his intelligence and nature, because every child is different and unique. The occasion was graced by the Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva. The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan and Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan conveyed their best wishes to the parents.

Orientation for Tiny Toddlers & Their Parents

Orientation for Tiny Toddlers & Their Parents

Toddlers presentation on stage

The school had organized an Orientation programme entitled Bhagidari for Kindergarten toddlers and their parents, specially the new comers and their parents. The chief objective of the programme was to create awareness amongst the parents towards the holistic development of their wards. The parents need to understand and realize the potential of their child and assist them accordingly to be successful in future. The programme commenced with a welcome song and an enthralling dance. At the same time, a colourful rhythmic dance to revel in Baisakhi fest, mesmerized one and all.

The orientation programme briefed the parents about Jiva’s philosophy and intimated that the school’s objective was not only to educate with knowledge but also care for a holistic development of every student. The programme had also conducted a one minute competition, wherein the father had to pack the child’s bag in a minute and the mother’s were entertained by bursting the Don’ts Balloons. It also conducted a quiz where the parents had to answer on the important information mentioned in the Student’s School Diary. The winners were honoured and simultaneously those parents who had contributed through the India in Action Programme were also awarded. Their names are – Shri Hari Sharma, Shrimati Neera Nagdali, Shri Kishore, Shri Jitendra, Shri Neeraj Nagar, and Shrimati Kawaljeet Kaur. Ours is the only school where the studetns, teachers and parents come together to serve the community. They apprise the masses about traffic rules and make a humble appeal to follow the rules.

The parents were informed about the Body Type i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha and advised to follow diet plan for their ward according to his body type, so as to build a healthy society. The programme also conducted MI & MN activities and games. The programme had aimed to create a conscious awareness regarding coresponsibility by teachers and parents in an all round development of each child. The programme and its efforts were appreciated by the parents. The participants at National Level Drawing Competition were honoured with Medals, Merit Certificate and Cash Prize.

The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, addressing the parents stated that children follow the foot steps of their parents hence the parents need to maintain an upright character and attitude before them.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan stated that children learn through their surroundings and human beings require education and culture to progress.

Staff Conferred Service Award on Foundation Day

Staff Conferred Service Award on Foundation Day

The school celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 6 February 2019 through a journey of glorious 25 years. These years have marked Jiva’s name in society for imparting quality global education for the holistic development of each pupil, integrity and empathetic contribution to make the society a healthy, wealthy and peaceful place to live in.

Staff honoured with awards by Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Ayurveda Director Dr. Pratap Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, School Coordinators and the Young Directors of the Institute Shri Madhusudan Chauhan, Mrs. Kajal Chauhan, Mrs. Meenakshi, Mrs. Neerja & Director Dr. Pratap Chauhan, followed by enthralling colourful presentation on stage, that represented an amalgamation of art and culture, music and entertainment. The stage presentation as exemplary and based on the philosophies of the school like DKN, SOE and Swadhyay. These philosophies empower the pupils with strength and confidence and give direction to choose what is upright. The Achievements of 25 years were read out amidst loud applause. Dr. Pratap Chauhan highlighted the significance of Ayurveda and positive thoughts and attitude. The sports students representing the school at National and District level were awarded too. The faculty was also awarded for their remarkable contribution in academics. The Service Awards were conferred to teachers completing tenure of 5 years, 10 years and 20 years of service in school. The staff was also conferred with Board Result Excellence Award and Service Appreciation Award for their hard endeavors and contribution.


Au Revoir Amis at Jiva

Au Revoir Amis at Jiva

One more batch of Jivites is ready to step out of the school portal and the golden years spent in Jiva will remain etched in the mind and heart of the out-going students who move forward to carve a niche for their bright future. The didactic adieu solemnised in honour of class XII, raphosidized them with old memors, sentiments and entertainment. The programme commenced with the traditional Vedic Hawan, to be bestowed with divine blessings, before the pupils appear for their Board Exam.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan addressing the students

The Chief purpose of the programme was equally a reminder to remain focused on their goals and achieve success. The class XI students had staged rhythmic dances, conducted fun-filled games and synchronized heart-throbing titles according to each persona. The atmosphere was filled with high emotions and sentiments, when the out-going jivites expressed their gratitude towards the management and teachers for giving them direction through SOE, DKN and Swadhyay besides imparting academic knowledge and education.

Students staging performance on fairwell day

On the occasion the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan and Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan wished luck to class XII pupils and appreciated class XI for organizing the programme so smoothly. The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam also wished the out-going students. Shri Chauhan, in his address to students stated that each student is empowered with unique traits and accordingly they should decide their future course. He also advised to maintain an optimum balance of the values learned even in moments of adversity.

Faculty Brush-up with Life Skills at Jiva

The school had facilitated a workshop cum training session for the staff, on 18 January 2019. It was conducted by Ms. Mamta Sharma from Delhi, who is a renowned Life Coach Trainer, orator and involved in writing skills. Ms. Sharma apprised the faculty about Life Skills and means and methodology to live and remain happy. According to Ms. Sharma being happy is an art. The workshop was organized by the school counselor Ms. Susan D’Souza.

During the training session, it was explained how to overcome the difficulties and crises in life that are inevitable. These harsh realities in life, create panic and one needs to control feelings and thoughts to maintain calm and tranquility. Life skill teaches not to worry or be anxious but to brave challenges and overcome them. Most of the time, crises occurs due to our thoughts that create a dilemma between positive and negative thoughts. Our thoughts need to be positive which demonstrate various thought control techniques to be free and released of every tension in life. She also conducted a few activities wherein the staff participated and tried to find solutions to everyday problems.

Faculty Workshop to Update with Technology

The best use of winter vacation at Jiva happened to be a workshop entitled ‘Tech Integrated Class Room Technology’ organized for the faculty members to brush themselves with the latest technology and utilize it in various aspects of academics and to share with the students. The first workshop of its kind was conducted by Dell Aarambh – Tata Class Edge at Jiva Public School. It was the first workshop in Delhi NCR region. All the teacher participants were given a participation Certificate. For maximum and excellent use of Tata Edge Class, the school teachers Ms. Renu Wadhwa, Ms. Meenu Sharma and Ms. Parminder were conferred with certificates. The IT sector school coordinator Ms. Priya Trivedi was given a certificate for her wonderful job in the Department.

The high standard of education in this era requires updates with latest technology, because the young learners are very inquisitive and eager. Hence it is necessary that teachers are adept in techno-skills to satisfy the young minds and quell their apprehensions. This technical knowledge adds to make their subjects easy and interesting. Today’s workshop highlighted the useful utility of Whats app, Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Web Designer and to work smartly for a cut above in their knowledge.

X’Mas Revelry at Jiva

The school had celebrated the festival of Christmas on 24 Dec, during the morning assembly with great enthusiasm and aplomb. The school always facilitates every festival with joy and happiness to foster the spirit of love, harmony and tolerance among its students. Christmas is celebrated across the world to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus, who is a symbol of love and peace.

The programme commenced with the rhythmic music of Jingle-bells and the students staged a colourful cultural presentation. Two of class X students donned as Santa Claus had distributed sweets and chocolates among students. The Kindergarten toddlers dressed in colourful costumes and Santa Caps, presented a graceful dance. Thereafter they were escorted to visit the church at NH 5. The tubbies there presented a programme, conveying the message of peace and harmony. They also danced at the Jingle-bell music.

On the occasion the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan wished all the students and teachers and stated that we all should respect and be loving and affectionate to one and all. The school Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam graced the occasion.