Teacher’s Day at Jiva Public School

Gratitude Blends Tribute on Teacher’s Day 

     September 5 dawned with immense exuberance and an exultant atmosphere at Jiva Public School, in the honour of most reverend teachers who are not only the strong pillars of society, but who touch lives and give their pupils a vision for a bright future.

          Teacher’s Day is facilitated across India to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first President of India, Sarvapalli Dr. Radha Krishnan. This day is marked to express gratitude and pay tribute to teachers. The school commenced with a special programme, during the morning assembly, to celebrate and mark this day a memorable one.

         Divyanshu of class V, ventured into the Role of Teachers and highlighted their significance in a pupils life, followed by a Gidda Dance. The Street Play enacted on stage depicted that despite difficulties a teacher remains dedicated and contributes her best to society. the highlight of the programme was the musical dance drama that won many round of loud applause from the audience. The dance drama presented how a school with upright vision, ethics and moral values endears the heart of indiscipline and wayward pupils and transforms them into an ideal citizen.