Workshop by Steven Rudolph

Workshop by Steven Rudolph

     The Educational Director Steven Rudolph had a special meet with Jiva faculty to share a few unique concepts to facilitate in fulfilling responsibilities with better care and be successful in their jobs.

Educational Director Steven Rudolph addressing Jiva Faculty

    Through graphic diagrams, he explained that the passion of an individual may be manifold, which is known as IKIGAI. But in the center lics has real passion which is the seed of his nature. A teacher needs to surface out of the IKIGAI the passion of the pupil to enable him, identify his true nature and learn ‘Who I am’. The lineage to his success may have many vicissitudes that might cause discomfort and stress and he may feel an urge of a stimulant activity to overcome stress. Steven Rudolph believes that there are young achievers at twenty because the know the root cause as to who they are, whereas there are few who never taste success due to their ignorant identity.

The Managing Director Rishi Pal Chauhan addressing the Jiva Faculty

    He also discussed the imbalance caused between challenge and ability. He stated that when challenge overpowers ability it results into stress and when ability subdues challenges it becomes boredom for a pupil, hence an optimum balance between the two will reinforce the natural flow of talent with ease, leading him to success.